Monday, December 24, 2007

Street Shots That Didn't Work

Trying to make a kind of scrapbook of the different areas of our world, and in the process I found examples of things that don't work very well.

In this case, I couldn't figure out a way to put anything on the other side of the sidewalk, so instead of a traffic jam, it looks like a bunch of people sitting in parked cars. I tried putting cars on the other side of the road 'going' in the other direction, but they didn't fit well. It doesn't look realistic.

This shot show the vanishing horizon problem. I like to use something in the background that gives some sense of depth and perspective. With this map, I get nothing but empty space. I could put some more rocks out there, but sort of tired of putting rocks all over the place.

Cities in the night are problems for me. I need to add more and different kinds of lots since everything blends together. The building in the foreground almost vanishes into the background NB decor.

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