Saturday, December 22, 2007

Summary of Sessions

Sessions continues an even older storyline which we've closed because of sheer age.

That summary is here.

Sessions picks up where the previous season left off.  It addresses a relationship broken by infidelity (Cooper Stanfield and his second wife Beth), his attempts to forgive her and find a way to keep both his marriage and his career as a performer.  Arrogance, self indulgence, and the interference of old lovers and other interested parties all stress the fragile trust.  Cooper's unwillingness to give up control leads to a showdown with his son, a confrontation in a parking lot with his wife's former lover, and more infidelity as he strikes out in revenge.

No one eventually wins.  The couple separates, still in love but terribly divided.  The other people caught up in the chaos find their own lives damaged: marriages broken and careers ruined.  Cooper finds himself up for the biggest award in his career at a time when he can barely focus, and Beth tries to force herself to move on and forget about him.  

More detail below.

Cooper Stanfield , frontman and lead guitar for the band Mercury Rising, returned from a tour to fire his wife's bodyguard, a decision that fell in the 'too little too late' category. The affair he suspected was imminent had already begun. That decision, and his delay in making it, set off a chain reaction of consequences.

A photoshoot of Cooper in compromising photos with a model was packaged with older shots of his wife and the bodyguard inflagrante and published. His wife reacted with anger instead of apologies. Ryan attempted to force her into leaving Cooper by confronting both of them. She slapped him down, stunning him, surprising and gratifying her husband. Ryan dealt with the rejection poorly, drowning his disappointment in Glenfiddich.

Cooper's teenage daughter Rayne, crushing on the man she'd grown up with, blaming her mother for breaking his heart, set out to seduce Ryan. convinced that he would see her as more than a child and fall 'in love' with her. Drunk and desperate, Ryan fell for it. However, Ryan never recognized her, and the intensity of his emotional attachment to her mother frightened and overwhelmed Rayne. She snuck away without revealing what she had done.

Her attempt to get cover from her best friend backfires when Miranda's father overhears the conversation. He takes it upon himself to inform Beth Stanfield that her daughter is sleeping with the former bodyguard, an accusation she furiously denies. When she confronts her daughter with it, acting out of anger and very unmaternal jealousy, Rayne admits it, mocks her, and opens a deep and bitter rift between mother and daughter.

Ryan's longtime pregnant girlfriend breaks off the relationship in despair, realizing he's in love with another woman, although she continues to hope that the baby will bring them together. Instead, she dies in childbirth, leaving Ryan unemployed, bleak, and with a son. He accepts work from a source he originally turned down, Melinda, the owner of a notorious brothel.

Into this mix came Gemma Wilson, a cousin of Cooper's first wife. Her interest was professional but she used her striking resemblance to Julia to get access to Cooper. His reaction is not what she hoped. After an angry argument with his son by Julia, who doesn't understand his father's resentment toward Gemma, Cooper takes off in a rage to demand that Gemma stay away from his family.

Cooper runs into Ryan and Beth who have met accidentally downtown. He assumes the worst. Ryan finally attacks him. Cooper leaves, telling his wife he's done with her. Rattled, concussed, furious, Cooper walks off and leaves his wife in the alley, drives to Gemma Wilson's place and impulsively and angrily assaults her. He leaves the next morning and drops by an old friend's 'gentleman's club', where she informs him that Ryan works for her, was in town with her, and that he has made a terrible mistake.

Cooper attempts to apologize, but he decides not to say anything about the encounter with Gemma. His wife blames herself for the problems, tells him it is all her fault for cheating with Ryan, that she takes full responsibility, but that the marriage is broken since they cannot get past Ryan. She asks him to leave. He leaves, still without telling her what happened the night before.

Over the next few weeks, Cooper meets with Gemma in an attempt to buy her silence. Beth meets an acquaintance, Alex "Blade" Ferguson, the frontman for the band Flight, and begins a tentative relationship which infuriates Cooper who considers it (and rightly so) as a direct challenge by a professional rival. And Gemma Wilson discovers she is pregnant.

Presented with the news, Cooper goes to his wife. Although they have separated, they are still close, unhappy about being apart from each other. When he finally tells her the truth, that he slept with Gemma, that she is pregnant, Beth is livid. She points out that Cooper let her carry all the blame when he had come directly from another woman's bed that morning they separated. She turns him away, and this time the separation appears to be final.


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