Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Summary of Rising Above

Summary of Rising Above:

Rising Above is a sidestory.  Like the other sidestories, it focuses on an individual but still links to the main stories.

Wyatt Stanfield is the idealistic and romantic son of Cooper Stanfield and Cooper's equally idealistic and romantic young first wife, Julia. Wyatt grows up with his mother, listening to her cry at night over her lost love after his parents divorce.  As a teenager, he finds his mother's body on Christmas Eve.  She's been murdered.  

His mother's death, his own idealistic nature, his anger and resentment toward his father and his father's second wife, all combine to form a potent brew.  Wyatt makes emotional choices that lead to confrontations with his father and a misalliance with his music professor.  The story attempts to chart a young man's journey to figuratively rise above a devastating experience and the pain that followed it.

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