Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting back to Duff

I went back into Duff's lot to make some final changes including fixing the roof line to accommodate the chimney and adding a smallish room on the third level.  I'll move him out before I fix the lot size (I made it too large on one side), and will package it after I do that.  Anyway, he's looking very good and probably getting impatient...

Photoshop does not like my 'profile' on my pc, something to do with the monitor and I've never been able to fix it.  It warns me about it every time I load it.  When I use PS on the pc, I get that line at the bottom of each shot.  It doesn't happen on the laptop.  Annoying.


  1. Why does smallish room on the third level sounds so 'play-room with chains and whips'

    Weird, maybe you should re-install your photoshop... Mine hasn't acted up so far...

    1. sounds that way because there's not much else he'd put up there.

      I just did reinstall it. I had to get Photoshop tech support to do something from their end because I had it installed on too many computers, and couldn't uninstall it because the other computer is in pieces. Anyway, it still doesn't like the monitor and won't install properly. It did the same thing on the old alien box when I used the same monitor. Eventually I guess I should get a new monitor but it's very low on the priority list.