Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Rest of Rob Porter's House

I think this lot is finished.  I always change things a little bit as I use a lot, but it's functional and looks pretty good from most angles.  The planter area on the second floor needs rearranging but that's about it.  Sometime soon I'll upload all the shots into one post and put it in the People and Places blog under Rob's name.

Anyway, here's the rest of the place, beginning with the foyer.

The living room and bar area.

The patio and the pool.

Thank you for taking a look!


  1. as always it is gorgeous. I love the pool stairs.

  2. I love those splashes of blue! It can be hard to use such a bright colour and still keep that sleek, masculine look but you've definitely succeeded here. Just phenomenal.

    1. It was hard to find a way to tie it together. When I saw those cushions with the map pattern, using the same blue but combining it with yellow and bright orange, I grabbed them. Most cushion patterns are too frilly but those are perfect. I stuck maps up on the wall in the kitchen/dining room to go with the map cushions and felt pretty satisfied with it. Thank you!

      I hope you made some progress on your crashing. I've started to have the pink crashes kind of at random and don't know what's causing them.

    2. The map cushions really do work well. And it's true, a lot of cushions out there are very feminine looking.

      No real progress on the crashing so far but I am beginning to think it's the hood. I've been playing the uberhood with all my CC in in the same game folder as Sullivan and I've had no crashing at all and no pink flashing either. I'm going to play it a while longer and see if I can really push it to the limit and then if I still don't get any crashes, I'll have to think about my next step. I'm feeling a bit more optimistic about it than I was a week ago, which is something.

    3. I took out some hair to try to deal with the pink, not that I really think that for me it's hair. I removed trees. I removed big lots. The pink is so random though, I don't know what else to do but push it until it breaks again. Sullivan has a lot of people and memories, which would scare me more than CC. If it's not crashing when you're using the same CC, that's a big breath you'll have to take.

      Thank you...