Thursday, May 19, 2016

Choosing an Umbrella and more

I haven't posted anything here in a really long time and didn't intend to use it again.  Just in case anybody is still looking at this, and I don't think that's the case, here's a couple of outtakes from the chapter we just posted.  If I don't see any traffic, I'll know not to bother with the place again.

Originally Rayne was going to cross paths with her little sister Hugs on Rayne's way out of the house. We decided not to do that, but I'd gone through the scene and taken some shots so I saved them.

The scene: Cooper stands at the top of the stairs while Rayne descends.  A car pulls up.  Hugs is returning from the movies with Garrett Savage, who doesn't drive yet so Bonni is driving the car. Hugs gets out and starts toward the stairs.  Garrett watches her.  The pleasure in his face is so unmistakable and so nice to see, I wanted some way to share it.  So far he's a nice kid, a little reserved, smart, and he has his mother's face and eyes.

And of course Coop is watching.


  1. I love seeing extra shots that didn't make it into the final chapter. Your shots are always so lovely too! :) I often find it hard to decide on which shots to use and not to use and which ones go with whatever story line I have in mind. I guess that's half the fun of sim stories! lol

    If you didn't want to keep this blog active you could still post the extra shots on the Studio Time blog, maybe at the end of your chapter or as a separate post? :)

    1. Hey and thanks! Yes that's a big part of the fun of doing sims stories. They take off in completely unexpected directions! I'll ask Gayl about posting them on the other blog and see what she says. Thank you so much for the compliments on the shots. I just love taking them. It's like working out a puzzle with light and views.

  2. It has been a while. I sort of fell off the Internet for a while too, but I remember your stories. Is there a blog you're still updating? Even if not, I think I need to reread these again.